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Are you a content provider on DVB platform?
Access to well known CAS Platforms is expensive and your budget is limited?
Your today's encryption system is not secure or under attack?

You are in the right place! Let's give each other the opportunity to work together.

Duocrypt (CAID 4B03)

Duocrypt is flexible low cost smartcardless Conditional Access System.
Duocrypt is already implemented in all Duolabs products and can be activated at any time in already-on-the-field devices enhancing the possibility to Duolabs product's holders to watch your contents.

Do you want your own customization?
Duocypt is an extremely flexible and scale independant CAS. It can offer a ready-to-go solution also for brand new devices like CAMS and SetTopBoxes.

Duocrypt can be combined with Internet tunnel on WiFi, LAN or GSM Conditional Access Modules offering a targeted solution for each user with no limitation.

Some Features:

  • All DVB Platform compatible.
  • Low bandwidth consumption.
  • Simulcrypt with existing products.
  • Already embedded on over 1 million devices on the market.
  • Secure silicon solution against card-sharing.

  • Why is Duocrypt generations ahead?

    Duolabs can proudly annunce that the Secure Silicon solution recently implemented by SetTopBox Chipset manufacturers has been developed long time before by Duolabs anticipating the card-sharing problem and offering an effective solution.
    The majority of CAS in the market are suffering of the Smartcard communication protocol weakness with the STB. Duolabs thanks to the Duocrypt was the first one in far 2005 introducting smartcardless fully customizable and flexible CAS.
    Our technology is based on FPGA and not an ASIC. This makes our CAM modules extremely flexible and real-time upgradable.
    Nowadays card-sharing aka IKS (Internet-Keys-Sharing) is extermely mining a content provider security in terms of profits. Choosing Duocrypt and its on-chip descrambling solution prevents Control Word sharing offering a top level security against piracy.

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