Our IOT Technology

Our IoT Technology begins with the IoT BOX and reaches our IoT Cloud and it is entirely developed by Duolabs.
Retreiving data reliably and efficetly by minimizing maintenance and running costs is the main achievement of our IoT BOX.
It is highly customizable and flexible for almost any application and delivers data directly to our multi-level IoT Cloud.
Browse the snapshots of our IoT Cloud discovering some of its features!


The IoT Box is designed to meet the highest standard of data collection matching the industry security standards.
Some features:
  • Integrated WiFi and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) certified module with embedded Web Server.
  • 2G module for GSM data transmission.
  • GPS module to sharply geolocated each device of your fleet.
  • SDCard to collect data in case of connection loss.
  • LCD or TFT Display.
  • Buffer Battery for Real Time Clock.
  • 12 Volts or Lithium Battery power supply.
  • Fully customizabe to meet your needs.


Multiple Devices

The IoT Cloud is developed to receive data from single or group of different devices on the field.
During the Login procedure of the IoT BOX each single or group of devices will get detailed informations how to behave and which data to send.
An accurate and precise research lead to develop an extremely stable and flexible system with and minimized rate of failure or data loss.
Our IoT Cloud reached a high maturity grade receiving millions of events from the field.


Statistics and Graphs

Our IoT Cloud enables data analysis and exporting in CSV, Excel, PDF and direct printing.
Extraordinary graphs best visualize the trend of your data.


Push Messages

Push messages from the Cloud to devices or groups of devices.
Our IoT Cloud also allows the sending of alert messages to Smartphones (iOS, Android) as well as to PCs (Windows, MacOS, Linux).
Our platform uses XMPP technology similar to the most popular instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook etc.



Our Cloud IoT will allow you to view your devices directly on Google maps.
In case of moving devices it is possible to view all the routes.


Real Time update

The Dashboard of our IoT Cloud will allow you to view all events in real time in convenient and intuitive web pages.


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