QBox Mini - Discontinued Product
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DuoCrypt Conditional Access embedded.
QBox Mini - High Definition Linux Set Top Box

After the big success of the QBox HD, Duolabs is glad to introduce in the market the new QBox Mini.
In response to consumer demand for higher-performing Set Top Boxes Linux Operating System based Duolabs has worked to develop the evolution of the successful QBox HD.
QBox Mini is the latest frontier for HDTV Set-Top-Box, it is capable of delivering the features and high-end performance Multimedia Machine with many native peripherals such as USB connection, Ethernet connection via cable (10/100Mbit), multiple plug ‘n play tuner input, HDD support for PVR (Personal Video Recording) functions.
All the above technology and much more has combined with an exclusive colored box design and cap-sense technology integrated for front-panel functions together with a brilliant 2,0 inches TFT display.
Diablo CAM with DuoCrypt CAS technology is embedded as module like the Q-Box One.

QBox HD - Front View

QBox Mini - Back View.

Main CPU, 32 Bit Co-Processor Storage memory and RAM:

QBox Mini is based on ST chipset model STi7101 (ST40 with SH4 Core) with working speed at 266Mhz with 8MByte of NOR ROM for secure bootloader storage and 128 MB of system RAM. As co-processor there is a 32Bit MCU embedded in the Diablo CAM module internally installed operating at the speed of 50Mhz. This co-processor will manage the streaming input delayer function for better PVR operating.
Internally mounted there is a USB stick of 1GB (this capacity can change, please check on your sales configuration) for application and content storage. This user space is very necessary for developers to store and run their applications or simply to store some contents.

Operating System and environment:

QBox Mini is based on Linux Operating System kernel release (or higher) and DVB-API version 3 and version 5 (DVB-S2) which represents the right answer for open source based Set Top Boxes.
The Linux DVB API (Application Programming Interface) lets you control these hardware components through currently six Unix-style character devices for video, audio, frontend, de-mux, CA and IP-over-DVB networking.
QBox Mini uses as middleware the popular Enigma 2 with all its features and plug-ins.

The filesystem is hosted in an external USB stick of 1GB slim format which can be easily removed from the back side of the receiver and used in a PC to download the new firmware inside the receiver.
The USB stick is used instead of internal memory so that the QBox Mini can have larger room to host more files, videos etc with NO space limitation. QBox Mini and QBox HD are the first Set Top Boxes having this feature available.

DVB Streaming input (Tuners):

The QBox Mini has two different and independent DVB Tuner slots where users can mount Plug ‘n Play tuners module. DVB-S2, DVB-T and DVB-C can be installed. Please check the sales configuration before purchasing. Multiple LNB-Switching control (supports DiSEqC) is also included.


. 2 x USB 2.0 input

. 2 x Smartcard Readers

. 1 x RS-232 Interface

. 1 x 2,0 inches TFT Display 16364 colors

Video Inputs/Outputs:

. 2 x Scart (RGB, FBAS or S-Video)

. 1 x Component (3 RCA - 1 x Video 2 x Audiol R/L)

. 1 x HDMI Output

. 1 x S/PDIF Interface for digital bit stream out (AC-3)

Video Inputs/Outputs:

QBox Mini has a LAN connection at 10/100Mbit via cable connection and it also may host a WLAN Module as plug-in easy to plug and play.

Wi-Fi (WLAN connection) is embedding 802.11N technology at 300MBit transfer rate.
Please check you retail configuration as the Wi-Fi module may be not included and considered as "optional".

P.V.R. (Personal Video Recording):

PVR function is now available through external USB device or internal SATA HDD. You can easily record your contents using an external device such as HDD or USB Pen drives.

PVR can be also performed installing an internal SATA HDD not included in the sales package.

Hardware Features
  • STi7101 266Mhz CPU.
  • 8MByte NOR Flash.
  • 128MByte RAM Memory.
  • Personal Video Recording via USB 2.0
  • Channel Timeshift
  • 2 Plug and Play Tuner Slots.
  • WiFi Connection 802.11 b/g/n.
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet
  • 3 USB Ports.
  • 1 HDMI Output.
  • 1 Component Output.
  • 2 Scart Outputs.
  • S/PDIF Output.
  • 2 Smartcard Readers ISO.
  • 1 RS-232 Debug Port.
  • Supports 3,3 and 5,0 Volts Smartcards
  • DuoCrypt CAS Embedded
  • Transport Stream Delayer
  • 12 Volts External Power Supply
  • 2.0 Inches LCD Display.

Software Features
  • Linux OS
  • Enigma 2 GUI
  • Python Plug-Ins.
  • Multilanguage OSD.