QBox One - Discontinued Product
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DuoCrypt Conditional Access embedded.
MPeg 2 - Set Top Box Linux Based

Q-Box one is a Standard Definition Set-Top-Box Linux based using Enigma 1 User Interface.
This is one of the most advanced Mpeg2 Set-Top-Box in the market. It holds lots of innovative features that no other receiver in the market has. Take a look at the HOT FEATURES of our Q-Box for better understanding with we define it unique.
Q-Box one working at 12 Volts, it can be easily connected to cars or caravans.

QBox One main features:

. Linux OS - Kernel 2.6.17

. 250 MHz PowerPC processor

. 2 status LED

. Personal Video Recording (PVR) via USB

. Plug&Play Tuners (DVB-S, DVB-C DVB-T)

. 2 x smartcard reader (DuoCrypt)

. V.24 RS232 serial port

. 10/100 Mbit compatible ethernet

. 2 X Scart

. Video Audio Cinch out

. S/PDIF for digital bit stream out

. Support for internal HD (2,5”)

. Channel change time <1 second

. Supports EPG (electronic program guide)

. Supports multiple LNB switching control(DiSEqC)

. Fully adaptable OSD in many languaguaes

. 12 volts Power Supply

QBox One pack:

. Q-Box one

. Remote Control

. 12 Volts/2A Power Adaptor

. Single or Twin Tuner configuration (DVB-S/DVB-T options available at present)

. WiFi connection (Optional)


USB Drive
PVR via USB 2.0 with 2 USB Ports (front and rear)
  Personal Video Recording (PVR) can be performed using an internal 2,5" HDD (not included) or either an external USB device such as Pen Disk or External USB HDD.
This feature is extremely innovative for a Standard Definition box.
Wi-Fi connection 802.11b/g *
  Q-Box can have the W-Fi 802.11b/g connection (optional, please check your configuration). It enhances to all the NET features through the wireless connection in a totally transparent manner.
Dual Tuner (Combo Solution)*

Q-Box combines the Dual Tuner solution. This allows the user to switch between Satellite (DVB-S), Terrestrial (DVB-T) or Cable (DVB-C) input.
Depending on the conffiguration purchased can have one tuner or two tuners in mix of them together.

Hardware Features
  • IBM PowerPC 250 Mhz CPU.
  • Personal Video Recording via USB 2.0
  • Plug and Play Tuners.
  • WiFi Connection 802.11 b/g.
  • 2 Scart Outputs.
  • S/PDIF Output.
  • 2 Smartcard Readers ISO.
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet
  • Supports 3,3 and 5,0 Volts Smartcards
  • DuoCrypt CAS Embedded
  • 12 Volts Power Supply

Software Features
  • Linux OS - Kernel 2.6.17
  • Enigma 1 GUI
  • Python Plug-Ins.
  • Multilanguage OSD.