OEM Products
Pellet Heater and Pellet Boiler Control Panel

May, 2014
by Duolabs

This product has been developed for a Pellet Boiler Manufacturer under customer's specification and with the addition of some extra features deployed by Duolabs.

This panel hosts a 2,8 Inches or 1,4 Inches (compact version) LCD color display to offer a great outlook and user-friendly User Interface. The User Interface supports multilanguage menus UTF-8.

Accordingly to our experince with new technologies the panel embeds a Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

This device like all our OEM Products can be updated via USB using Windows or MAC OSX updating software. Each panel has a unique serial number to prevent unauthorized cloning enhancing market tracebility and warranty issues

Techinical features for this specific kit:

• 2 or More   Analog Inputs 
• 2 or More   Digital Inputs 
• 3 or More   220 Volts Outputs 
• 3 or More   24 Volts Outputs 

A customized version with more or different Input/Outputs can be adapted or developed under customer's request
Dimensions of board and panel can be fully customized
For this device a Remote Control device via 2G GSM is also available with a fully integrated SMS and Voice Call library. Easy to use and extremely flexible in functions.


Short Description

Pellet Heater or Boiler Control Panel