Diablo Cam 2 Wi-Fi - D-Module Wi-Fi
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Duolabs offers a flexible CAS implemetation accordingly to your needs.
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DuoCrypt Conditional Access embedded.
Wi-Fi Conditional Access Module for DVB-S/2 - DVB-T/2 - DVB-C/2

Diablo CAM 2 WiFI is a unique in its kind Conditional Access Modules (CAM) for Common Interface host devices with Wi-Fi Connection.
It is capable to descramble MPEG2 and MPEG4 Transport Streams in DVB format with advanced and fast PID filtering.

Diablo CAM 2 Wi-Fi embeds Duo Crypt Conditional Access System.
DuoCrypt is a DVB certified CAS (CAID: 4B03) with cost effetive implementation.
DuoCrypt offers a Smartcard-less solution for small and big content providers working in Simulcrypt with existing Conditional Access Systems.

In terms of security Diablo CAM 2 Wifi is extremely secure thanks to the internal Control Word management directly connected to the Common Scrambling Algorithm.
No Control Word is ever exchanged with the outside world offering a real solution to Internet Key Sharing aka Card-Sharing problem.

Diablo CAM 2 Wi-Fi, why so innovative?

Innovation is given by the Wi-Fi connection which allows the device to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot surfing on the Internet.
Rock-solid TCP-IP Stack implemented, DHCP or Static IP and Network authentication (WEP, WPA, WPA2) implemented working with almost all Access Point/Routers in the market
Wifi connection offers to providers the possibility to send selective Control Word to a specific device granting the vision of specific channels only and giving a feedback of what channels in on show at any time.
This opportunity enhances the security and a real time control on the broadcasted channels and more offers a feedback channel for statistics and market research based on watched channels and more.
On-Screen pop-up messages can be delivered directly to each single customer or range of customers. Commercial advertising can be directly offered to a specific group of customers.
Promotional subscriptions can be enabled based on watched-time per channel.

Diablo CAM 2 Wi-Fi is also hosting two smartcards in an exclusive design unique in its kind.

Hardware Features
  • ARM7TDMI @ 50Mhz.
  • FPGA @ 100Mhz processing speed.
  • RAM: Internal 16KB and External 1MB.
  • ROM: 256KB Internal Flash and 2MB Dataflash.
  • Secure J-tag connection.
  • 2 Smartcard Readers ISO format
  • 2 Unique serial Numbers internally lasered inside
  • Supports 3,3 and 5,0 Volts Smartcards
  • WiFi - IEEE 802.11 b/g

Software Features
  • PICO-OS Operating System.
  • Dataflash internal Filesystem FAT 12.
  • Fully programmable via PCMCIA secure protocol.
  • TCP-IP Stack implemented.
  • WEP, WPA, WPA2 password supported.
  • Access Point Scan supported.
  • DHCP or Static IP.
  • Tiny Web Server supported.