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Who we are

Duolabs was born back in 2003 with a B2C-oriented business model focused in selling to its own branded products mainly in the hobbists market.

This first company phase is characterized by the direct sale worldwide of smartcard readers, Conditional Access Modules (CAM), HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) set-top-box and much more
Google searches may lead you to many links related to Duolabs products including Diablo Cam, QBoxOne, QBoxHD, Cas Interface and many more.
This first phase has allowed the company to develop and interact with companies operating in the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) market worldwide with various successful collaborations.

From 2012 begun the second phase of the company with a B2B business model. Duolabs, made its experiences and skills available to third-party companies to design and deliver turnkey solutions.
All stages from the initial idea to the off-the-shelf final electronic board.


Duolabs is specialized in the design and production of electronic boards in wide business areas such as industrial, horeca, vending, consumer, medical, telecommunication, home automation, infrastructures and much more.

Do you have an existing electric board that needs to be reviewed or redisegned?
We will be pleased to follow you from examinating your current device and turning into a winning solution.

Do you need to make an electronic board to control your devices from the scratch?
Starting from the goal, we will walk the paths together to get there quickly and give you a personalized design board.

Who manufactures the electronic board?
Duolabs is fully involved in the production, testing, up to the product ready for sale.

Here is a summary of the path to achieve an electronic board design:

All details about what the electronic board must do.
Sizing, look and production processes.
Hardware, Firmware e Software.
Quick prototipation of the first electronic boards.
Stability and reliability test on the field.
Internal CE Pre-compliance certification and external Compliance by authorized laboratories.
Mass production of the final product.


Our Team represents our know-how and it is the true corporate value!
We don't hire skilled people and motivate them, we hire already motivated people to inspire them with new ideas.
Our team is mainly composed of electronic and computer engineers highly qualified at the disposal of our customers creating a synergy with our customer's company team. We preserve the respect for roles and skills with the aim of creating a partnership and understanding that the success of the individual is everyone's success.
Duolabs, as we usually say, does not have the exclusivity on good ideas and tackles every project awarded like a new project different from the previous ones. This philosophy allows us not to necessarily anchor ourselves to a specific architecture or solutions already used before, but using our experience to evolve towards new products by imagining its appearance and functionalities within 3/5 years.
Our modus-operandi is based on sharing information in order to achieve the best result within the scheduled dead line together with our customers and accomplishing the expected time-to-market.

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