Who we are

Since 2003 Duolabs offers innovative Electronic Solutions from the research to the turn-key solution.
From Touch-Screen panels we deliver your data to the Cloud using our in-house technology driven by the innovation
Our Research and Development starts from the PCB to the product industrialization following the customer's needs

Start with WHY...

Duolabs starts from a “Why” before “how” and “what”.
Our skills to inspire and innovate help our valued customers to reach the state-of-art in their business areas using our technology.
Our electronic solutions will enhance the capture rate of your products in the market.
We deliver years of experience in a win-win business model.

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Together with its customers, Duolabs develops eletronic solutions starting from existing products or from the scratch to get to the turn-key solution including mass-production, testing and customization.
What do we do?:

  • Project overview with current and future features of the product or eco-system.
  • Hardware Design (PCB/Gerber, Schematics, Product Industrialization, etc).
  • Firmware Development for microcontroller (MCU) and microprocessor.
  • Custom LCD and TFT Display design touch screen.
  • Internal/External Tools design for mass-prodution.
  • Fast prototyping of electronic devices.
  • Software Development for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • Smartphone App Development for iOS and Android.
  • IoT Link to our IoT Cloud Platform.
  • BOM (Bill Of Materials) provisioning for mass-production.
  • Mass production on our sister company facility in Italy and Croatia.

The wide consolidated skills of our Team starts from the source code up to the silicon analysis.
Just some of our skils:

  • G.U.I. (Graphic User Interface) development for TFT displays from 1,44” to 7,0”.
  • Proprietary Graphic Library for 32Bit Microcontrollers.
  • Smartphone's App development for iOS and Android.
  • Cloud Applications for IoT Devices using BLE, WiFi, Ethernet, LoRA, 2G/4G..
  • Certification pre-compliance tests on our internal Laboratory.
  • Programming languages: Assembly, C/C++, C#, HTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, VHDL, Visual Basic and others.
  • Specific skills on Smartcard, RFID (NFC and UHF EPC Gen 2), BLE, LoRa, GSM and Silicon Analysis.
  • Long term experience on Embedded, Desktop and Cloud development.
  • Extremely wide range of devices already designed from WiFi, BLE, RFID, LoRa modules to multi-purpose devices IoT Ready.
  • Controlled mass-production internl process to deliver tested and traceable devices.
  • * Firmware Reverse Engineering Firmware and Firmware Recovery (Chip Dump) for existing projects.
  • * Software Reverse Engineering on Windows, MacOS and Linux for existing projects.
  • Legal assistance for Copyright Infringment linked to electronic devices and software development.
(*) if possible and allowed by the law.

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