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    Smartcard Programmers
    Custom Designs
    DVB and Custom Solutions
  • Conditional Access Module
    Your CAM for DVB World
  • Custom Electronic Designs
    Mobile Apps to empower your devices

Looking for a cost effective and time saving electronic solution?

Then you came to the right place. We offer high quality custom design for electronic devices and lots more.

Over 20 Years of experience on the field.

Over 2 million devices sold under Duolabs brand.

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Sparkling Solutions

Innovative and alternative solutions for new and existing products.

Intuitive design

We design user-friendly devices and extremely intuitive GUIs for end-user software and service software.

Secure against Cloning

All our products are designed to match from basic to the highest security standards against cloning, over production offering a capillary product tracebility.

Mobile Apps & IOT

We offer a connection between end product and Mobile Apps and Internet Of Things solutions to make your device always online.

Technologies we use